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                    Ningbo Shunkang Health Food Co.,Ltd. is located in Beilun District of Ningbo city, Zhejiang Province. The company enjoys superior geographical position, good surroundings for production, and is very convenient for both sea and land communication. It is a foreign-owned sole enterprise, mainly producing Chinese bees products, herbal extracts,health tea cut,medicinal materials and powder etc. The company is equipped with advanced machines, processing equipment, and analyzing apparatus. We possess a group of helpful and efficient technical and administrative staffs at both senior and med levels. Presently our products are divided into three main series containing over 40 kinds, which are sold to worldwide with more than 20 countries. Our high quality products and magnificent credit already gained good confidence and trust from most of the users and customers.

                Stick to the spirit of our motto"Live on the Quality,Develop on the Credit", we are willing to continually develop trade relation with more friendly merchants all over the world.

                NINGBO SHUNKANG HEALTH FOOD, CO.,LTD. ADD:No.16 BeiHai Road, BeiLun Zone,NingBo,ZheJiang,China
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